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The 5th Shanghai Get-together Writing Contest



A city of innovation, full of vigor, talent and intelligence

A city of humanism, justice and inclusiveness, where East meets West

A city of ecology, focusing on green, healthy and sustainable development

A city where high-rises and shikumen-style houses mingle harmoniously

A city where buildings are readable, streets are walkable and people are hospitable

Do you like China? Have you felt the glamor of Shanghai? What’s your story related to the city?

We are listening…


The 5th Shanghai Get-together Writing Contest

Entrance eligible for:

Foreigners living, working or traveling in Shanghai, China, or who have done in the past.

Contents: Your work should be related to one or more of the following:

Your impression of the city of Shanghai, such as its architecture, people and style of life;

Your Shanghai story, whether you are an expat living there, or just a traveler;

How Shanghai affected you or changed your life;

What you miss about Shanghai;

Your views or comments on the “Window of China” or “Window of Shanghai” books or its related collections, exhibitions and events;

Your thoughts on Chinese culture and its influence on the world.


Writing in English or Chinese is preferred;

Each article should be at least 200 Chinese characters, or 500 English words in length;

Only files in .doc, .docx or .txt formats will be accepted;

Entries should be emailed before August 31, 2018 to;

Please provide your contact information, including your nationality, address and telephone number;

By submitting your work, you are deemed to have confirmed that your submission to the Contest is your own original work, and agreed that it can be published in public media or used for other non-commercial purpose at the organizers’ discretion.


First prize: One winner will receive 5,000 yuan 

Second prize: Two winners will receive 3,000 yuan each

Third prize: Three winners will win special gifts

Fourth prize: 20 winners will win souvenirs

First and second prize winners who live abroad will be provided with round-trip air tickets from their country to Shanghai


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Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration

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