Shanghai Library

Shanghai Library Delegation Visit Libraries and Window Partners in the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden


Invited by the Rotterdam Library in the Netherlands, the Roskilde Libraries in Denmark and the Gustafs Scandinavia AB in Sweden, a three-member delegation of Shanghai Library including deputy director He Yi, deputy director of the library’s International Cooperation Division Gong Jiawei, and deputy director of the library’s exhibition and convention center Xia Lei, paid visits to more than 10 libraries in the three countries from June 10 to 19 in 2018, with a special focus on the matters related to the architecture design, function and engineering of Shanghai Library East.

The Rotterdam Library and the Roskilde Libraries are both long-term partners of Shanghai Library’s “Window of Shanghai” project. A good relationship has been established between Shanghai Library and the two libraries thanks to their joint efforts including participating in the Shanghai International Library Forum, launching e-book services and hosting the “happy-reading” exhibitions.

He’s visits to the two libraries aim to strengthen the cooperation and further promote traditional Chinese culture and excellent publications, such as the Chinese Myth of the Creation of the World. He will also share with his peers the stories about the construction and development of Shanghai Library, particularly the building of its east branch.

During the visits, the delegation got a thorough knowledge of the common vision held by the international library circle towards the reform and development of public libraries. They also exchanged ideas with their counterparts on the novel plans and experiences of building a new library, which helps build Shanghai Library East into a world-class city library.

Apart from the visits to the two libraries, the delegation also visited Dokk1, a public library in Aarhus; theMalmö Live in the Swedish city of Malmö; and the National Library of Sweden. All of these buildings were designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen (SHL) Architects, a design firm which is based in Denmark and in charge of the design of Shanghai Library East.

After visitingthe Gustafs Scandinavia AB in Sweden, the delegation had a better understanding of the aesthetic ideology, design principle and novel construction materials adopted by the Scandinavian region, and gained confidence in perfecting the architecture design and functions of Shanghai Library East.