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Yin Yicui Delegation Attends the "Window of Shanghai" Related Book-sending Activities in Sri Lanka and Malaysia


At the invitation of the Colombo Municipal Government of Sri Lanka, the Selangor State Government of Malaysia and the Manila Development Agency of the Philippines, Yin Yicui, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, led a Shanghai delegation to visit Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Philippines from September 2nd to 11th and attended book-granting events related to the “Window of Shanghai” held by the former two countries.


During her stay in Sri Lanka, Yin Yicui and the mayor of Colombo attended the opening ceremony of the "Fruitful 40 Years - Shanghai China Reform and Opening Achievements Photo Exhibition" and the "Window of Shanghai" book-giving ceremony held at the Colombo Public Library. The related activities received warm welcome from people from all walks of life.



 During her stay in Malaysia, Yin Yicui visited the Malaysian International Medical University to learn about the university's cooperation with Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University and attended the "Window of Shanghai" book-giving ceremony and the chinese acupuncture copper man granting ceremony.