Shanghai Library

Aspiration to Join the "Window of Shanghai" from Libraries in Many Countries


As of the end of March, the 2019 “Window of Shanghai” supplement notice has been sent to most of the existing partners. Currently, many partners have submitted their selective book lists. The book donation of the “Window of Shanghai” covers two major categories: physical books and electronic books. This is intended to meet the shortfall of Chinese books in overseas libraries, so as to give overseas readers more opportunities to read the latest publications from China.

Fortunately, recent contacts not only come from the exiting partners both also include some new libraries in the United States, Turkey, Botswana and other places. Although in different parts of the world, they all have heard about the introduction and praise of the project from their counterparts Therefore, they took the initiative to get in touch with the "Window of Shanghai" and hope to join the beneficiary of this project so as to develop a deeper understanding of the customs of Shanghai and China, as well as the ever-changing new look after the reform and opening up.