Shanghai Library

Books from the Window Shows in the Malta Library


On April 23 - the "World Reading Day", which is also the "Library Day" of the Central Public Library of the Malta, the Malta Chinese Cultural Center set up "Chinese Bookshelf" with donated books from the “Window of Shanghai”, and organized several workshops such as tea art, traditional games, children's “story gatherings” etc. to promote Chinese books and culture, which became the highlights of the day.

As early as the end of last year, the “Window of Shanghai” project of the Shanghai Library has sent the first batch of 540 kinds and 627 books to the Malta Chinese Cultural Center. This time, with the "Library Day" themed on "Celebrating a Multicultural Library", the Malta Chinese Cultural Center used 200 donated books from the Shanghai Library to set up "Chinese Bookshelf" for adults and children in the Malta Central Public Library. The establishment of the “Chinese Bookshelf” also marks the first time that Chinese books have entered the collection of the Central Public Library of Malta, which has facilitated the understanding of China and Chinese culture by Chinese and locals in Malta. It is believed that through the bridge of books and culture, the humanities exchange and cooperation between the two countries will be further expanded and deepened.

The event was attended by Mr. Ivanist Bartolo, Minister of Education and Employment of Malta, Ms. Cheryl Farzen, Director of the Central Public Libraries of Malta and the National Library of Malta, Mr. Yang Xiaolong, Director of the Chinese Cultural Center of Malta, as well as local readers and the public.