Shanghai Library

The Shanghai Library Delegation Visits the Libraries in Holland, Finland and Denmark


From May 5th to 14th, 2019, a 5-person delegation led by Chen Chao, Director of the Shanghai Library visited the libraries in Holland, Finland and Denmark. The delegation conducted a systematic review on the promotion of the “Window of Shanghai”, the architectural design concept and functional layout of contemporary advanced libraries, and the transformation and innovation of library services, etc. Among them, in the exchange with the Window partners, the delegation achieved the following results.

During the visit to the Rotterdam Library, Director Theo Kemperman briefed Director Chen Chao on a series of transformations and renovations that the Library has ushered in since 2010. The two sides exchanged and discussed issues concerning the administrative structure of the library, the construction of the collection, and how to activate and use the ancient books. The delegation also visited the "Window of Shanghai" reading area and the exhibition of the Pictures in the Modern Chinese Collection of the Shanghai Library held in the Rotterdam Library.

During the discussion with the Oodi Helsinki Central Library, the two sides exchanged views on the innovation and transformation of the library, especially focusing on the exchange of library service plan design, procurement funding adjustment, management mode change and shared space management. During the visit of the Oodi, members of the delegation also participated in the award-winning short film selection of the IFLA Metropolitan Library.

At the Roskilde Libraries in Denmark, the delegation members listened to the introduction of the library expansion project by the deputy director and related colleagues of the Library, and also asked the other party some issues related to the transformation of library services, such as the purpose of expansion, citizen survey, event design, etc. The Roskilde Libraries also held the exhibition of the Pictures in the Modern Chinese Collection of the Shanghai Library, which attracted many local readers.