Shanghai Library

A New Window Landed in Cape Town of South Africa


In May 2019, under the joint promotion of the Shanghai Library, the Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and the South African-Chinese People's Friendship Association, the "Window of Shanghai" project successfully landed in Groote Schuur High School Library of Cape Town, South Africa. A total of 571 donated books of 517 kinds were successfully arrived at the library.

On June 13th, during their visit to South Africa, the Shanghai Friendship Association Working Group attended the opening ceremony of the “Window of Shanghai” by the invitation of Principal of Groote Schuur High School. The principal, Marius Ehrenreich, said that the school is very grateful to the donated books from Shanghai, which will open a window for the local students and teachers to learn about Shanghai and China. The school library has specially created a red bookmark with the "Window of Shanghai" for this batch of books.

Founded in 1959, Groote Schuur High School is a public high school in the Newlands area of Cape Town with nearly a thousand students. The school teaches in English and offers Chinese classes.