Shanghai Library

Delegation of Shanghai Library Visits the Three Countries of Eastern Europe


At the invitation of the Ljubljana City Library City, the Zagreb City Libraries and the Belgrade City Library, He Yi, deputy director of the Shanghai Library, Zhang Taiyi, director of the Property Management Center, and Luo Tianyu, secretary of the Communist Youth League, visited the above countries from June 16-25, 2019.
At The Ljubljana City Library, the two sides discussed cooperation on projects such as the "Window of Shanghai" and the country information database of "One Belt, One Road" film. The delegation also visited the exhibition of books from the "Window of Shanghai" in the library and learned about the use of the book. Later, Deputy Director He Yi delivered a keynote speech entitled “Global-oriented, Future-Oriented Urban Library Development Trends” and visited the exhibition of “Floating Flowers at Sea – Pictures of Modern Chinese Documents in the Shanghai Library”.

Shanghai Library delegation with the director and librarian of Ljubljana City Library

The second stop of the delegation came to the Zagreb City Libraries. As an old friend of the Shanghai Library, the Zagreb City Library, in addition to selecting the paper books of the "Window of Shanghai" every year, can also use the e-book resource through the "Window of Shanghai" electronic book-sending website. On behalf of the Shanghai Library, Deputy Director He Yi presented the book “Opening the World – The Series of Chinese Creation Myths Comic Picture Book” and discussed the possibility of cooperation in the “Belt and Road” film country information database project.

Deputy Director He Yi and the director of the Zagreb City Libraries in front of the "Window of Shanghai" bookshelf

The third official activity of the delegation was visiting the Belgrade City Library. The delegation first visited the various departments of the Belgrade City Library and the “Floating Flowers at Sea – Pictures of Modern Chinese Documents in the Shanghai Library” held at the library. Later, the two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation in the “Window of Shanghai” project, the preservation of classical literature, the material collection of the “Belt and Road” film information database and others.

Shanghai Library delegation at the “Floating Flowers at Sea” exhibition in the Belgrade City Library