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The "Window of Shanghai" E-library Launches "Epidemic" Reading


In order to ensure that global partners have full access to the latest readings from the "Window of Shanghai" during epidemic outbreak, recently, the "Window of Shanghai" e-library continued to launch two new special book series based on the original e-books--Topic 1: Fighting COVID-19,Keeping healthy life; Topic 2: Reading Lights Up the Future.

Series 1: Fighting COVID-19, Keeping healthy life
This special book series is mainly based on the latest published bilingual books in Chinese and English, such as "The Consequence of Hubris-Autobiography of the Novel Coronavirus”, "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention Manual", "11 Types of Psychological Intervention and Self-help Manual for New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia", "Psychological Self-help and Guide for New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Public" and others. The series contains 8 sub-categories, allowing users around the world to obtain professional knowledge of the new coronavirus through authoritative books, thereby reducing the risk of transmission and infection.

Series 2: Reading Lights Up the Future.
Since many overseas partners highly value the reading of young people, this series provides hundreds of classic books in Chinese, English and other languages for young people around the world, which covers history, customs and popular science, etc.

In addition, what’s worth mentioning is that, considering the current home isolation of global partner readers during the epidemic, technology department of the platform responded quickly and realized a certification-free login during the epidemic through technical means, so as to ensure easy access to the "Window of Shanghai". During the epidemic, the "Window of Shanghai" will continue to update various book series, and constantly upgrade technical means to provide global users with a more convenient and rich reading experience "without leaving the home".