Shanghai Library

Overseas Partners Boosting the "Shanghai Library Tonight"


On 23 April “World Book Day", the Shanghai Library launched a special live broadcast event, "Shanghai Library Tonight — Reading Lights Up the City" in the 2020 reading season of "Chasing Dreams, Reading and Enjoying the Future", and brought readers a unique "Cloud Book Fair" and an unprecedented opportunity for communication on the cloud.

In order to better serve readers in Shanghai, overseas partners of the Shanghai Library also offered their great help. Ms. Liz Jolly, chief librarian of the British Library (pictured lower left), read the original British classic Jane Eyre through the video, and Mr. Stefano Parise, director of the Milano Public Library System (pictured lower right), recommended an inspirational children's book named Non dirmi che hai paura (in English: Don’t Say to Me You Are Afraid) via the video, making reading indeed borderless. Both directors emphasized the importance of communicating, sharing and supporting each other in international exchange during this special period of epidemic fighting.


In addition, at the invitation of Mr. Stefano Parise, Mr. Chen Chao, director of the Shanghai library (pictured below) also gave his recommendation of a book called The Consequence of Hubris to overseas readers through the video, which has already been available on the "Window of Shanghai” e-library. The book focused on epidemic fighting through children's brushstrokes and children’s unique perspective, manifested a child's win morale and belief in the fight against epidemic, and was welcomed by local readers in Milan, especially young readers.