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"Predestined Relationship-Folk Diplomacy in Shanghai" records the "Window of Shanghai"


Recently, the "Window of Shanghai" received a gift book titled "Predestined Relationship-Folk Diplomacy in Shanghai" from the Shanghai Friendship Association. The book uses "predestined relationship" as a thread, carefully selects some outstanding people and extraordinary things in Shanghai folk diplomacy from areas of Shanghai, economy, science and technology, art, academia and religion, and successfully depicts a historical scroll covering from culture integration to cross-border mutual benefit. In the art section of the book, an article entitled " Connecting with Books through the Window of Shanghai , Knowing the World through Culture Sharing" records the story of the "Window of Shanghai" project from scratch. As a library-based diplomatic project with books as ambassadors, the "Window of Shanghai" has made great strides from theory to practice on the basis of years of intensive cultivation and focus on the needs of partners. Just as described in the last paragraph of this book, “each and every book that enters the library collection abroad will be the seed that grows connection and recognition between Chinese culture and the world."